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Published: 20.09.2023

Afl betting

View the latest odds on AFL Matches & Bet with Sportsbet. Access All the AFL Finals Fixtures with a Huge selection of Markets on Every Game. Compare odds for Head to Head, Line, Over/Under, Futures, Awards, and more for every AFL game. Stay ahead of the game with live market updates. Below are The Sporting News' tips and predictions for Round 6: Odds via TAB. Collingwood vs. Port Adelaide prediction, tip, best bet. The latest Aussie Rules odds compared. OddsChecker provides the AFL odds from every legalized sportsbooks all in one placen. Unibet offer extensive AFL odds and markets on a wide range of outcomes, from season-long bets such as Grand Final winners, through to pre-season friendly.
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AFL Round 6 tips: Betting preview, odds and predictions · Collingwood vs. Port Adelaide prediction, tip, best bet · Carlton vs. GWS prediction. Ladbrokes have the best AFL Premiership Season betting markets, afl betting AFL tips for you to back your team! AFL Betting Information. The Australian Football League is one of Australia's largest sporting spectacles. Eighteen teams go head to head in a monumental Bet on AFL with the Betfair™ Sportsbook and get great AFL odds. ✓Bet In-Play ✓Cash Out ✓AFL Betting Offers».

The Excitement and Risks of AFL Betting

With the AFL season in full swing, fans and punters alike are eagerly placing their bets on their favorite teams and players. The world of AFL betting is a thrilling one, filled with excitement and risks that keep fans on the edge of their seats.

From the nail-biting finishes to the unexpected upsets, AFL betting offers a unique blend of unpredictability and adrenaline for punters. Every match brings a new set of possibilities and challenges, making it a popular choice for those looking to add some extra excitement to their viewing experience.

However, it's essential to approach AFL betting with caution and responsibility. While the thrill of placing a successful bet can be rewarding, it's crucial to remember that betting always carries risks. Punters should set limits, manage their bankroll wisely, and avoid chasing losses to ensure a positive betting experience.

Whether you're a seasoned punter or new to the world of AFL betting, the key is to stay informed and make well-informed decisions. Researching teams, analyzing player performances, and understanding odds can all contribute to a more successful betting strategy.

As the AFL season unfolds, punters will continue to wager on their favorite teams and players, adding an extra layer of excitement to the games. While the outcome of each match may be uncertain, the thrill of the bet is undeniable, making AFL betting a popular pastime for fans around the world.

So, as you dive into the world of AFL betting, remember to enjoy the excitement, embrace the risks, and bet responsibly to make the most of this thrilling experience.

Are AFL players allowed to bet? The AFL has a strict Anti-Gambling Policy that all Players, Coaches, Football Staff, Administrators and Board Members must comply with. Players / officials must not contrive the result of a match or any aspect of a match, must not bet on any aspect of the AFL and must not allow anyone to bet on their behalf.

What happens if you bet $100 on a money line? What happens if you bet $100 on a moneyline? If you bet $100 on a moneyline, you might win some money or lose your wager. If the odds for your moneyline bet were +100, you would profit $100 if the team you backed won. If they lose, you are out $100.

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How do I bet on AFL? To place any AFL bet, first find the odds you want to back and enter your stake in the bet slip. Then, check your risk and potential payout before clicking 'Place Bet' to complete the process.

Does FanDuel have daily fantasy? FanDuel: Daily Fantasy Football, MLB, NBA, NHL Leagues for Cash. Get a free entry into the NBA Shot contest with your first deposit.

Can I play fantasy football on FanDuel? Find a Contest That's Right for You

How does footy betting work? AFL head-to-head betting is straightforward; each team is given odds based on their likelihood of winning as determined by the bookmaker, with the team perceived as less likely to win returning more money for your dollar if you correctly select them.

What does a +1.5 line bet mean? This Share. When betting on an MLB run line, +1.5 means that the underdog team must either win the game outright or lose the game by one run or less in order for the bet to be successful. With a run line, also called “against the spread,” the spread is almost always 1.5 runs.

Does the AFL have an app? Play AFL is a free iOS and Android App for community football fans that houses fixtures, ladders, results, and statistics for every league on PlayHQ. Download the Play AFL App now and start following your favourite local players & clubs anywhere, anytime.

What is AFL line betting? Line betting is the same as handicap betting for Australian rules football. When using line betting, you will see that the underdog receives points and the favourite gives away points, in an attempt to even the field. For example, say there is a match between the Western Bulldogs and the Brisbane Lions.

Australia - AFL Betting Odds

Goalscorer - Anytime - 4th Qtr. Total Behinds - 2nd Qtr. Total Goals - Jade Gresham. Goalscorer - First. Total Behinds - 3rd Qtr. Total Goals - Jake Kelly. Goalscorer - First - 1st Qtr. Total Behinds - 4th Qtr. Total Goals - Jake Soligo. Goalscorer - First - 2nd Qtr.

Total Behinds - Away. Total Goals - Jake Stringer. Goalscorer - First - 3rd Qtr. Total Behinds - Away - 1st Qtr. Total Goals - James Borlase. Goalscorer - First - 4th Qtr. Afl betting Total Behinds - Home. Total Goals - Jordan Dawson. Goalscorer - First - Away. Total Behinds - Home - 1st Qtr. Total Goals - Jordon Butts.

Goalscorer - First - Home. Total Clearances - All Players. Total Goals - Josh Rachele. Goalscorer - Last. Total Clearances - Darcy Parish. Total Goals - Josh Worrell. Photo: afl betting Goalscorer - Last - 1st Qtr. Total Clearances - Jake Soligo. Total Goals - Jye Caldwell. Goalscorer - Last - 2nd Qtr. Total Clearances - Rory Laird. Total Goals - Jye Menzie. Goalscorer - Last - 3rd Qtr. Total Clearances - Zachary Merrett.

Total Goals - Kyle Langford. Total Disposals - All Players. Total Goals - Lachlan Gollant. Highest Scoring Half. Total Disposals - Alwyn Davey. Total Goals - Lachlan Sholl. Highest Scoring Quarter. Total Disposals - Andrew McGrath. Total Goals - Luke Nankervis. Last Scoring Play. Total Disposals - Ben Hobbs.

Total Goals - Mark Keane. Last Scoring Play - 1st Qtr. Total Disposals - Ben Keays. Total Goals - Mason Redman. Last Scoring Play - 2nd Qtr. Total Disposals - Ben McKay. Total Goals - Max Michalanney. Last Scoring Play - 3rd Qtr. Total Disposals - Brayden Cook. Total Goals - Mitch Hinge. Victorian horse racing Last Scoring Play - 4th Qtr. Total Disposals - Brodie Smith.

Total Goals - Mitchell Hinge. Margin Total Disposals - Chayce Jones. Total Goals - Ned McHenry. Total Disposals - Darcy Fogarty. Total Goals - Nic Martin. Margin 20 Point Splits. Total Disposals - Darcy Parish. Total Goals - Nik Cox. Total Disposals - Dyson Heppell. Total Goals - Nikolas Cox. Total Disposals - Elijah Tsatas.

Total Goals - Reilly OBrien. Margin Betting. Total Disposals - Harrison Jones. Total Goals - Rory Laird. Margin Betting - 1st Half. Total Disposals - Izak Rankine. Total Goals - Sam Berry. Margin Betting - 2nd Half. Total Disposals - Jade Gresham.

Total Goals - Sam Draper. Afl betting Margin Betting - 1st Qtr. Total Disposals - Jake Kelly. Total Goals - Sam Durham. Margin Betting - 2nd Qtr. Total Disposals - Jake Soligo. Total Goals - Taylor Walker. Most Disposals. Total Disposals - Jake Stringer. Total Goals - Todd Goldstein. Most Disposals - Away. Total Disposals - James Borlase. Total Goals - Will Hamill.

Most Disposals - Group A. Total Disposals - Jayden Laverde. Total Goals - William Hamill. Most Disposals - Group B. Total Disposals - Jordan Dawson. Total Goals - Xavier Duursma. Most Disposals - Group C. Total Disposals - Jordon Butts. Total Goals - Zachary Merrett. Most Disposals - Group D. Total Disposals - Josh Rachele.

Total Marks - All Players. Most Disposals - Home. Total Disposals - Josh Worrell. Total Marks - Andrew McGrath. Most Goals. Total Disposals - Jye Caldwell. Total Marks - Ben Hobbs. Quarter by Quarter Leader. Total Disposals - Jye Menzie. Total Marks - Ben Keays.

Time of First Goal. Total Disposals - Kyle Langford. Total Marks - Ben McKay. To Score 2 Or More Goals. Total Disposals - Lachlan Gollant. Total Marks - Brodie Smith. Total Points Brackets. Total Disposals - Lachlan Sholl. Total Marks - Darcy Fogarty. Tri-Bets Total Disposals - Luke Nankervis.

Total Marks - Dyson Heppell. Total Disposals - Mark Keane. Total Marks - Elijah Tsatas. Total Disposals - Mason Redman. Total Marks - Harrison Jones. Total Disposals - Max Michalanney. Total Marks - Izak Rankine. Tri-Bets 9. Collingwood vs Port Adelaide. Total Disposals - Darcy Cameron.

Total Goals - Jason Horne-Francis. Total Disposals - Darcy Moore. Total Goals - Jed McEntee. Total Disposals - Esava Ratugolea. Total Goals - Jeremy Howe. Total Disposals - Isaac Quaynor. Total Goals - John Noble. Total Disposals - Ivan Soldo. Total Goals - Jordan DeGoey.

Total Disposals - Jack Crisp. Total Goals - Jordon Sweet. Total Disposals - Jackson Mead. Total Goals - Josh Daicos. Total Disposals - Jamie Elliott. Total Goals - Junior Rioli. Total Disposals - Jase Burgoyne. Total Goals - Kane Farrell. Total Disposals - Jason Horne-Francis. Total Goals - Lachie Jones. Total Disposals - Jed McEntee. Total Goals - Lachlan Schultz.

Total Disposals - Jeremy Howe. Total Goals - Mason Cox. Total Disposals - John Noble. Total Goals - Miles Bergman. Total Disposals - Jordan DeGoey. Total Goals - Mitch Georgiades. Total Disposals - Jordon Sweet. Total Goals - Nick Daicos. Total Disposals - Josh Daicos. Total Goals - Oliver Wines. Total Disposals - Kane Farrell. Total Goals - Patrick Lipinski. Total Disposals - Lachie Jones.

Total Goals - Reef McInnes. Total Disposals - Lachlan Jones. Total Goals - Ryan Burton. Total Disposals - Lachlan Schultz. Total Goals - Sam Powell Pepper. Total Disposals - Mason Cox. Total Goals - Scott Pendlebury. Total Disposals - Miles Bergman. Total Goals - Steele Sidebottom. Total Disposals - Mitch Georgiades. Total Goals - Todd Marshall.

Total Disposals - Nick Daicos. Total Goals - Tom Mitchell. Total Disposals - Oliver Wines. Total Goals - Willem Drew. Total Disposals - Patrick Lipinski. Total Goals - Willie Rioli. Total Disposals - Reef McInnes. Total Goals - Zak Butters. Total Disposals - Ryan Burton. Total Disposals - Sam Powell Pepper. Total Disposals - Scott Pendlebury.

Total Disposals - Steele Sidebottom. Total Disposals - Todd Marshall. Total Disposals - Tom Mitchell. Total Disposals - Will Hoskin Elliot. Total Disposals - Willem Drew. Total Disposals - Willie Rioli. Total Disposals - Zak Butters. Total Fantasy Points - Brayden Maynard.

Total Fantasy Points - Brody Mihocek. Total Tackles - Connor Rozee. Total Fantasy Points - Charlie Dixon. Total Tackles - Jordan DeGoey. Total Fantasy Points - Connor Rozee. Total Tackles - Tom Mitchell. Total Fantasy Points - Dan Houston. Total Tackles - Zak Butters. Total Fantasy Points - Darcy Cameron. Total Fantasy Points - Jack Crisp. Total Fantasy Points - Jamie Elliott. Total Fantasy Points - Jeremy Howe.

Total Fantasy Points - Josh Daicos. Total Fantasy Points - Kane Farrell. Total Fantasy Points - Lachlan Schultz. Total Fantasy Points - Miles Bergman. Total Fantasy Points - Nick Daicos. Total Fantasy Points - Oliver Wines. Total Fantasy Points - Patrick Lipinski. Total Fantasy Points - Ryan Burton. Total Fantasy Points - Scott Pendlebury.

Total Fantasy Points - Steele Sidebottom. Total Fantasy Points - Tom Mitchell. Total Fantasy Points - Willem Drew. Total Fantasy Points - Zak Butters. Total Goals - Aliir Aliir. Total Goals - Beau McCreery. Total Goals - Billy Frampton. Total Goals - Bobby Hill.

Total Goals - Brandon Zerk-Thatcher. Total Goals - Brayden Maynard. Total Goals - Brody Mihocek. Total Goals - Charlie Dixon. Total Clearances - Connor Rozee. Total Goals - Connor Rozee. Total Clearances - Nick Daicos. Total Goals - Dan Houston. Total Clearances - Tom Mitchell. Total Goals - Darcy Byrne-Jones. Total Clearances - Zak Butters. Total Goals - Darcy Cameron.

Total Goals - Darcy Moore. Total Disposals - Aliir Aliir. Total Disposals - Beau McCreery. Most Tackles. Total Disposals - Billy Frampton. Total Disposals - Bobby Hill. Total Disposals - Brandon Zerk-Thatcher. Total Disposals - Brayden Maynard. Total Disposals - Brody Mihocek. Total Disposals - Charlie Dixon. Total Goals - Ivan Soldo. Total Disposals - Connor Rozee.

Total Goals - Jack Crisp. Total Disposals - Dan Houston. Total Goals - Jamie Elliott. Total Disposals - Darcy Byrne Jones. Total Goals - Jase Burgoyne. Total Disposals - Darcy Byrne-Jones. Carlton vs GWS. Total Disposals - George Hewett. Total Goals - Jacob Wehr. Total Disposals - Harry Himmelberg.

Total Goals - Jacob Weitering. Total Disposals - Harry McKay. Total Goals - Jake Riccardi. Total Disposals - Harry Perryman. Total Goals - James Peatling. Total Disposals - Harvey Thomas. Total Goals - Jesse Hogan. Total Disposals - Jack Buckley. Total Goals - Josh Kelly. Total Disposals - Jack Carroll. Total Goals - Kieren Briggs. Total Disposals - Jacob Wehr.

Total Goals - Lachie Whitfield. Total Disposals - Jacob Weitering. Total Goals - Lachlan Ash. Total Disposals - Jake Riccardi. Total Goals - Lachlan Cowan. Total Disposals - James Peatling. Total Goals - Lewis Young. Total Disposals - Jesse Hogan. Total Goals - Marc Pittonet. Total Disposals - Jordan Boyd. Total Goals - Matt Owies. Total Disposals - Josh Kelly.

Total Goals - Matthew Cottrell. Total Disposals - Kieren Briggs. Total Goals - Matthew Kennedy. Total Disposals - Lachie Whitfield. Total Goals - Nic Newman. Total Disposals - Lachlan Ash. Total Goals - Oliver Hollands. Total Disposals - Lachlan Cowan. Total Goals - Orazio Fantasia. Total Disposals - Lewis Young.

Total Goals - Patrick Cripps. Total Disposals - Marc Pittonet. Total Goals - Sam Walsh. Total Disposals - Matt Owies. Total Goals - Toby Bedford. Total Disposals - Matthew Cottrell. Total Goals - Toby Greene. Total Disposals - Matthew Kennedy. Total Goals - Tom De Koning. Total Disposals - Mitch McGovern. Total Goals - Tom Green. Total Disposals - Nic Newman.

Total Goals - Xavier OHalloran. Total Disposals - Nick Haynes. Total Goals - Zach Williams. Total Disposals - Oliver Hollands. Total Disposals - Orazio Fantasia. Total Disposals - Patrick Cripps. Total Disposals - Sam Walsh. Total Disposals - Toby Bedford. Total Disposals - Toby Greene. Total Disposals - Tom De Koning. Total Disposals - Tom Green.

Total Disposals - Xavier OHalloran. Total Disposals - Zach Williams. Total Fantasy Points - Blake Acres. Total Fantasy Points - Brent Daniels. Total Tackles - Finn Callaghan. Total Fantasy Points - Callan Ward. Total Tackles - George Hewett. Total Fantasy Points - Charlie Curnow.

Total Tackles - Patrick Cripps. Total Fantasy Points - Connor Idun. Total Tackles - Tom Green. Total Fantasy Points - Finn Callaghan. Total Fantasy Points - George Hewett. Total Fantasy Points - Harry Himmelberg. Total Fantasy Points - Jacob Weitering. Total Fantasy Points - Jesse Hogan. Total Fantasy Points - Josh Kelly. Total Fantasy Points - Lachie Whitfield.

Total Fantasy Points - Lachlan Ash. Total Fantasy Points - Matthew Kennedy. Total Fantasy Points - Nic Newman. Total Fantasy Points - Nick Haynes. Total Fantasy Points - Patrick Cripps. Total Fantasy Points - Sam Walsh. Total Fantasy Points - Toby Greene. Total Fantasy Points - Tom Green. Total Fantasy Points - Zach Williams. Total Goals - Aaron Cadman. Total Goals - Adam Cerra. Total Goals - Blake Acres.

Total Goals - Brent Daniels. Total Goals - Brodie Kemp. Total Goals - Callan Ward. Total Goals - Callum Brown. Total Goals - Callum M Brown. Total Goals - Charlie Curnow. Total Goals - Connor Idun. Total Clearances - Finn Callaghan. Total Goals - Corey Durdin. Total Clearances - George Hewett. Total Goals - Elijah Hollands. Total Clearances - Patrick Cripps. Total Goals - Finn Callaghan.

Total Clearances - Tom Green. Total Goals - George Hewett. Total Goals - Harry Himmelberg. Total Disposals - Aaron Cadman. Total Goals - Harry McKay. Total Disposals - Adam Cerra. Total Goals - Harry Perryman. Total Disposals - Alex Cincotta. Total Goals - Harvey Thomas. Total Disposals - Blake Acres. Total Disposals - Brent Daniels.

Total Disposals - Brodie Kemp. Total Disposals - Callan Ward. Total Disposals - Callum M Brown. Total Disposals - Charlie Curnow. Total Disposals - Connor Idun. Total Disposals - Elijah Hollands. Total Goals - Jack Buckley. Total Disposals - Finn Callaghan. Total Goals - Jack Carroll. Brisbane vs Geelong.

Total Disposals - Hugh McCluggage. Total Disposals - Jack Bowes. Total Disposals - Jack Henry. Total Goals - Hugh McCluggage. Total Disposals - Jack Payne. Total Goals - Jack Bowes. Total Disposals - Jake Kolodjashnij. Total Goals - Jack Henry. Total Disposals - Jake Waterman. Total Goals - Jake Kolodjashnij.

Total Disposals - James Aish. Total Goals - James Tunstill. Total Disposals - Jarrod Berry. Total Goals - Jarrod Berry. Total Disposals - Jarryd Lyons. Total Goals - Jarryd Lyons. Total Disposals - Jaspa Fletcher. Total Goals - Jaspa Fletcher. Total Disposals - Jayden Hunt. Total Goals - Jeremy Cameron. Total Disposals - Jeremy Cameron.

Total Goals - Joe Daniher. Total Disposals - Jeremy McGovern. Total Goals - Josh Dunkley. Total Disposals - Jeremy Sharp. Total Goals - Kai Lohmann. Total Disposals - Jhye Clark. Total Goals - Lachie Neale. Total Disposals - Joe Daniher. Total Goals - Lincoln McCarthy. Total Disposals - Jordan Clark. Total Goals - Mark Blicavs. Total Disposals - Josh Dunkley.

Total Goals - Max Holmes. Total Disposals - Kai Lohmann. Total Goals - Mitch Duncan. Total Disposals - Lachie Neale. Total Goals - Oliver Dempsey. Total Disposals - Liam Duggan. Total Goals - Oliver Henry. Total Disposals - Lincoln McCarthy. Total Goals - Ollie Dempsey. Total Disposals - Luke Jackson.

Total Goals - Oscar McInerney. Total Disposals - Luke Ryan. Total Goals - Patrick Dangerfield. Total Disposals - Mark Blicavs. Total Goals - Rhys Stanley. Total Disposals - Mark OConnor. Total Goals - Ryan Lester. Total Disposals - Matthew Johnson. Total Goals - Shannon Neale.

Total Disposals - Max Holmes. Total Goals - Tanner Bruhn. Total Disposals - Mitch Duncan. Total Goals - Toby Conway. Total Disposals - Nat Fyfe. Total Goals - Tom Atkins. Total Disposals - Noah Answerth. Total Goals - Tom Hawkins. Total Disposals - Oliver Dempsey. Total Goals - Tom Stewart. Total Disposals - Oliver Henry. Total Goals - Tyson Stengle. Total Disposals - Ollie Dempsey.

Total Goals - Zac Bailey. Total Disposals - Oscar McInerney. Total Goals - Zach Guthrie. Total Disposals - Patrick Dangerfield. Total Goals - Zach Tuohy. Total Disposals - Reid Harley. Total Disposals - Rhys Stanley. Total Disposals - Ryan Lester. Total Disposals - Sam De Koning. Total Disposals - Tanner Bruhn. Total Disposals - Tim Kelly.

Total Disposals - Toby Conway. Total Disposals - Tom Atkins. Total Disposals - Tom Hawkins. Total Disposals - Tom Stewart. Total Disposals - Tyson Stengle. Total Disposals - Zac Bailey. Total Disposals - Zach Guthrie. Total Tackles - Brandan Parfitt. Total Disposals - Zach Tuohy. Total Tackles - Josh Dunkley.

Total Tackles - Lachie Neale. Total Fantasy Points - Brandan Parfitt. Total Tackles - Tom Atkins. Total Fantasy Points - Cam Rayner. Total Fantasy Points - Darcy Wilmot. Total Fantasy Points - Dayne Zorko. Total Fantasy Points - Gryan Miers. Total Fantasy Points - Harris Andrews. Total Fantasy Points - Jack Bowes. Total Fantasy Points - Jarrod Berry.

Total Fantasy Points - Jarryd Lyons. Total Fantasy Points - Jeremy Cameron. Total Fantasy Points - Joe Daniher. Total Fantasy Points - Josh Dunkley. Total Fantasy Points - Lachie Neale. Total Fantasy Points - Max Holmes. Total Fantasy Points - Mitch Duncan. Total Fantasy Points - Patrick Dangerfield. Total Fantasy Points - Ryan Lester. Total Fantasy Points - Tanner Bruhn.

Total Fantasy Points - Tom Atkins. Total Fantasy Points - Tom Stewart. Total Fantasy Points - Zac Bailey. Total Fantasy Points - Zach Guthrie. Total Fantasy Points - Zach Tuohy. Total Field Goals - All Players. Total Field Goals - Patrick Dangerfield. Total Clearances - Brandan Parfitt.

Total Clearances - Josh Dunkley. Total Clearances - Lachie Neale. Total Clearances - Tom Atkins. Total Disposals - Alex Witherden. Unibet is the home of AFL betting, where you can access thousands of Aussie Rules odds and markets at the click of a button. Unibet offer extensive AFL odds and markets on a wide range of outcomes, from season-long bets such as Grand Final winners, through to pre-season friendly betting.

For the best AFL betting experience online, be sure to sign up to an account today. The variations of scores in AFL means betting can cover a far wider range of outcomes compared to other sports, such as soccer or hockey. Betting on the score is just one market in thousands that are available at Unibet.

You can follow odds such as match winner, HT score, highest points scorer and player specials all via our sportsbook. To place any AFL bet, first find the odds you want to back and enter your stake in the bet slip. Many newcomers to the sportsbook will gravitate towards the exciting bet types like match winner, Grand Final champions and match totals.

However, the more accustomed to AFL betting you become, the more you may like intricate odds. And Unibet offer extensive special AFL odds on every match of the season. If you love to watch AFL live then be sure to open the Unibet sportsbook at the same time and access our live bets. For example, the odds will shift if Essendon take the lead against St Kilda with 10 minutes remaining.

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