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Published: 09.10.2023

Afl odds this week

View the latest odds on AFL Matches & Bet with Sportsbet. Access All the AFL Finals Fixtures with a Huge selection of Markets on Every Game. AFL Betting Odds ; North Melbourne. Adelaide. All Odds. 18/5. 1/5 ; Geelong. Carlton. All Odds. 11/ 1/1 ; Fremantle. Western Bulldogs. All Odds. Compare odds for Head to Head, Line, Over/Under, Futures, Awards, and more for every AFL game. Stay ahead of the game with live market updates. The latest Aussie Rules odds compared. OddsChecker provides the AFL odds from every legalized sportsbooks all in one placen. AFL Odds ; − U − − ; + − O − +
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Bet live and online with TAB, Australia's number 1 racing and sports betting website. Afl odds this week the latest odds on all horse racing, AFL, NRL, EPL, NBA & more here! Adelaide to win at home is the value bet, especially with Melbourne on the road for straight weeks. We'll trust Matthew Nicks' team one more. Team news: Melbourne key defender Steven May (ribs) could be back in the selection frame after missing the Easter weekend win over Port Adelaide. AFL Grand Final betting odds, preview and tips. See what teams are playing in this season's AFL decider at Ladbrokes!

AFL Odds This Week:

Excitement and Anticipation Mounting as AFL Matches Approach

As the AFL season progresses with thrilling energy and fierce competition, fans and punters alike are eager to explore the odds for the upcoming matches this week. The anticipation for each game is palpable, with teams giving their all to secure vital points and climb up the ladder.

Key Matchups

This week's fixtures promise captivating clashes that are sure to keep supporters on the edge of their seats. From traditional rivalries to teams battling for a spot in the finals, the stakes are high for every encounter.

Odds Analysis

With each team showcasing their strengths and strategies on the field, the odds for this week's matches reflect the intense competition and unpredictability of AFL games. Punters are faced with challenging decisions as they assess the form, injuries, and head-to-head statistics of the teams in contention.

Upsets and Underdogs

One of the most intriguing aspects of AFL is the potential for upsets and the rise of underdog teams. The odds this week present an opportunity for punters to take calculated risks and bet on unexpected outcomes that could shift the dynamics of the season.

Final Thoughts

As the excitement builds and the countdown to the next AFL fixtures begins, fans and punters are gearing up for a week filled with thrilling matches and intense competition. With the odds offering a glimpse into the potential outcomes, anticipation is running high as teams prepare to battle it out on the field.

AFL Fixture & Odds Comparison for Betting 2024

Total Disposals - Sam Durham. Total Disposals - Taylor Walker. Total Disposals - Todd Goldstein. Total Disposals - William Hamill. Total Disposals - Xavier Duursma. Total Disposals - Zachary Merrett. Total Fantasy Points - Ben Hobbs. Total Fantasy Points - Ben Keays. Total Fantasy Points - Brodie Smith. Total Fantasy Points - Darcy Parish. Total Fantasy Points - Dyson Heppell.

Total Fantasy Points - Izak Rankine. Total Fantasy Points - Jake Soligo. Total Fantasy Points - Jordan Dawson. Total Fantasy Points - Josh Rachele. Total Fantasy Points - Jye Caldwell. Afl odds this week Total Fantasy Points - Kyle Langford. Total Fantasy Points - Mason Redman. Total Fantasy Points - Mitchell Hinge. Total Fantasy Points - Nic Martin. Total Fantasy Points - Rory Laird.

Total Fantasy Points - Sam Berry. Total Fantasy Points - Taylor Walker. Total Fantasy Points - Xavier Duursma. Total Fantasy Points - Zachary Merrett. Total Goals - Alwyn Davey. Collingwood vs Port Adelaide. Photo: afl odds this week Total Disposals - Aliir Aliir. Total Disposals - Beau McCreery.

Total Goals - Beau McCreery. Total Disposals - Bobby Hill. Total Goals - Bobby Hill. Total Disposals - Brandon Zerk-Thatcher. Total Goals - Brody Mihocek. Total Disposals - Brayden Maynard. Total Goals - Charlie Dixon. Total Disposals - Brody Mihocek. Total Goals - Connor Rozee. Total Disposals - Charlie Dixon. Total Goals - Dan Houston. Total Disposals - Connor Rozee.

Total Goals - Darcy Byrne-Jones. Total Disposals - Dan Houston. Total Goals - Darcy Cameron. Total Disposals - Darcy Byrne Jones. Total Disposals - Darcy Byrne-Jones. Total Disposals - Darcy Cameron. Total Disposals - Darcy Moore. Total Disposals - Esava Ratugolea. Total Disposals - Isaac Quaynor. Total Disposals - Ivan Soldo.

Total Disposals - Jack Crisp. Total Goals - Ivan Soldo. Total Disposals - Jackson Mead. Total Goals - Jack Crisp. Total Disposals - Jamie Elliott. Total Goals - Jamie Elliott. Afl gf odds Total Disposals - Jase Burgoyne. Total Goals - Jason Horne-Francis. Total Disposals - Jason Horne-Francis.

Total Goals - Jed McEntee. Total Disposals - Jed McEntee. Total Goals - Jordan DeGoey. Total Disposals - Jeremy Howe. Total Goals - Josh Daicos. Total Disposals - John Noble. Total Goals - Kane Farrell. Total Disposals - Jordan DeGoey. Total Goals - Lachlan Schultz. Total Disposals - Josh Daicos. Total Goals - Mason Cox. Total Disposals - Kane Farrell.

Total Goals - Miles Bergman. Total Disposals - Lachie Jones. Total Goals - Mitch Georgiades. Total Disposals - Lachlan Schultz. Total Goals - Nick Daicos. Total Disposals - Mason Cox. Total Goals - Oliver Wines. Afl odds this week Total Disposals - Miles Bergman. Total Goals - Patrick Lipinski. Total Disposals - Mitch Georgiades. Total Goals - Reef McInnes.

Total Disposals - Nick Daicos. Total Goals - Sam Powell Pepper. Total Disposals - Oliver Wines. Total Goals - Todd Marshall. Total Disposals - Patrick Lipinski. Total Goals - Tom Mitchell. Total Disposals - Reef McInnes. Total Goals - Willem Drew. Total Disposals - Ryan Burton.

Total Goals - Willie Rioli. Total Disposals - Sam Powell Pepper. Total Goals - Zak Butters. Total Disposals - Scott Pendlebury. Total Disposals - Steele Sidebottom. Total Disposals - Todd Marshall. Total Disposals - Tom Mitchell. Total Disposals - Will Hoskin Elliot. Total Disposals - Willem Drew. Total Disposals - Willie Rioli.

Total Disposals - Zak Butters. Total Fantasy Points - Brayden Maynard. Total Fantasy Points - Charlie Dixon. Total Fantasy Points - Connor Rozee. Total Fantasy Points - Dan Houston. Total Fantasy Points - Jack Crisp. Total Fantasy Points - Jamie Elliott. Total Fantasy Points - Jeremy Howe. Total Fantasy Points - Josh Daicos.

Total Fantasy Points - Kane Farrell. Total Fantasy Points - Lachlan Schultz. Total Fantasy Points - Nick Daicos. Total Fantasy Points - Oliver Wines. Total Fantasy Points - Patrick Lipinski. Total Fantasy Points - Ryan Burton. Total Fantasy Points - Scott Pendlebury. Total Fantasy Points - Steele Sidebottom.

Total Fantasy Points - Tom Mitchell. Total Fantasy Points - Willem Drew. Total Fantasy Points - Zak Butters. Carlton vs GWS. Total Disposals - Adam Cerra. Total Goals - Blake Acres. Total Disposals - Alex Cincotta. Total Goals - Brent Daniels. Total Disposals - Blake Acres. Total Goals - Callan Ward.

Total Disposals - Brent Daniels. Total Goals - Callum Brown. Total Disposals - Brodie Kemp. Total Goals - Callum M Brown. Total Disposals - Callan Ward. Total Goals - Charlie Curnow. Total Disposals - Callum M Brown. Total Goals - Corey Durdin. Total Disposals - Charlie Curnow.

Total Goals - Elijah Hollands. Total Disposals - Connor Idun. Total Goals - Finn Callaghan. Total Disposals - Elijah Hollands. Total Goals - George Hewett. Total Disposals - Finn Callaghan. Total Goals - Harry McKay. Total Disposals - George Hewett. Total Goals - Harvey Thomas. Total Disposals - Harry Himmelberg. Total Disposals - Harry McKay.

Total Disposals - Harry Perryman. Total Disposals - Harvey Thomas. Total Disposals - Jack Buckley. Total Disposals - Jack Carroll. Total Disposals - Jacob Wehr. Total Disposals - Jacob Weitering. Total Goals - Jack Carroll. Total Disposals - Jake Riccardi. Total Goals - Jake Riccardi.

Total Disposals - James Peatling. Total Goals - James Peatling. Total Disposals - Jesse Hogan. Total Goals - Jesse Hogan. Total Disposals - Jordan Boyd. Total Goals - Josh Kelly. Total Disposals - Josh Kelly. Total Goals - Kieren Briggs. Total Disposals - Kieren Briggs.

Total Goals - Marc Pittonet. Total Disposals - Lachie Whitfield. Total Goals - Matt Owies. Total Disposals - Lachlan Ash. Total Goals - Matthew Cottrell. Total Disposals - Marc Pittonet. Total Goals - Matthew Kennedy. Total Disposals - Matt Owies. Total Goals - Oliver Hollands. Total Disposals - Matthew Cottrell.

Total Goals - Orazio Fantasia. Total Disposals - Matthew Kennedy. Total Goals - Patrick Cripps. Total Disposals - Mitch McGovern. Total Goals - Sam Walsh. Total Disposals - Nic Newman. Total Goals - Toby Bedford. Total Disposals - Nick Haynes. Total Goals - Toby Greene.

Total Disposals - Oliver Hollands. Total Goals - Tom De Koning. Total Disposals - Orazio Fantasia. Total Goals - Tom Green. Total Disposals - Patrick Cripps. Total Goals - Xavier OHalloran. Total Disposals - Sam Walsh. Total Disposals - Toby Bedford. Total Disposals - Toby Greene. Total Disposals - Tom De Koning.

Total Disposals - Tom Green. Total Disposals - Xavier OHalloran. Total Disposals - Zach Williams. Total Fantasy Points - Blake Acres. Total Fantasy Points - Brent Daniels. Total Fantasy Points - Charlie Curnow. Total Fantasy Points - Connor Idun. Total Fantasy Points - Finn Callaghan. Total Fantasy Points - George Hewett. Total Fantasy Points - Jacob Weitering. Total Fantasy Points - Jesse Hogan.

Total Fantasy Points - Josh Kelly. Total Fantasy Points - Lachie Whitfield. Total Fantasy Points - Lachlan Ash. Total Fantasy Points - Matthew Kennedy. Total Fantasy Points - Nic Newman. Total Fantasy Points - Nick Haynes. Total Fantasy Points - Patrick Cripps. Total Fantasy Points - Sam Walsh. Total Fantasy Points - Toby Greene. Total Fantasy Points - Tom Green.

Total Fantasy Points - Zach Williams. Total Goals - Aaron Cadman. Total Goals - Adam Cerra. Total Disposals - Aaron Cadman. Brisbane vs Geelong. Total Disposals - Brandan Parfitt. Total Goals - Callum Ah Chee. Total Disposals - Brandon Starcevich. Total Goals - Cam Rayner.

Total Disposals - Callum Ah Chee. Total Goals - Charlie Cameron. Total Disposals - Cam Rayner. Total Goals - Darcy Gardiner. Total Disposals - Charlie Cameron. Total Goals - Dayne Zorko. Total Disposals - Darcy Gardiner. Total Goals - Eric Hipwood. Total Disposals - Darcy Wilmot. Total Goals - Gryan Miers.

Total Disposals - Dayne Zorko. Total Disposals - Eric Hipwood. Total Disposals - Gryan Miers. Total Disposals - Harris Andrews. Total Disposals - Hugh McCluggage. Total Disposals - Jack Bowes. Total Disposals - Jack Henry. Total Disposals - Jack Payne.

Total Goals - Hugh McCluggage. Total Disposals - Jake Kolodjashnij. Total Goals - Jack Bowes. Total Disposals - Jarrod Berry. Total Goals - James Tunstill. Total Disposals - Jaspa Fletcher. Total Goals - Jarrod Berry. Total Disposals - Jeremy Cameron. Total Goals - Jaspa Fletcher. Total Disposals - Jhye Clark. Total Goals - Jeremy Cameron. Total Disposals - Joe Daniher.

Total Goals - Joe Daniher. Total Disposals - Josh Dunkley. Total Goals - Josh Dunkley. Total Disposals - Kai Lohmann. Total Goals - Kai Lohmann. Total Disposals - Lachie Neale. Total Goals - Lachie Neale. Total Disposals - Lincoln McCarthy. Total Goals - Lincoln McCarthy.

Total Disposals - Mark Blicavs. Total Goals - Mark Blicavs. Total Disposals - Max Holmes. Total Goals - Max Holmes. Total Disposals - Mitch Duncan. Total Goals - Mitch Duncan. Total Disposals - Noah Answerth. Total Goals - Oliver Dempsey. Total Disposals - Oliver Dempsey. Total Goals - Oliver Henry. Total Disposals - Oliver Henry. Total Goals - Ollie Dempsey.

Total Disposals - Oscar McInerney. Total Goals - Oscar McInerney. Total Disposals - Patrick Dangerfield. Total Goals - Patrick Dangerfield. Total Disposals - Rhys Stanley. Total Goals - Rhys Stanley. Total Disposals - Ryan Lester. Total Goals - Shannon Neale. Total Disposals - Sam De Koning. Total Goals - Tanner Bruhn. Total Disposals - Tanner Bruhn. Total Goals - Tom Hawkins.

Total Disposals - Tom Atkins. Total Goals - Tyson Stengle. Total Disposals - Tom Hawkins. Total Goals - Zac Bailey. Total Disposals - Tom Stewart. Total Goals - Zach Tuohy. Total Disposals - Tyson Stengle. Total Disposals - Zac Bailey. Total Disposals - Zach Guthrie. Total Disposals - Zach Tuohy. Total Fantasy Points - Brandan Parfitt. Total Fantasy Points - Darcy Wilmot.

Total Fantasy Points - Dayne Zorko. Total Fantasy Points - Gryan Miers. Total Fantasy Points - Harris Andrews. Total Fantasy Points - Jack Bowes. Total Fantasy Points - Jarrod Berry. Total Fantasy Points - Jeremy Cameron. Total Fantasy Points - Joe Daniher. Total Fantasy Points - Josh Dunkley. Total Fantasy Points - Lachie Neale. Total Fantasy Points - Max Holmes.

Total Fantasy Points - Mitch Duncan. Total Fantasy Points - Ryan Lester. Total Fantasy Points - Tanner Bruhn. Total Fantasy Points - Tom Atkins. Total Fantasy Points - Tom Stewart. Total Fantasy Points - Zac Bailey. Total Fantasy Points - Zach Guthrie. Total Fantasy Points - Zach Tuohy. Total Field Goals - All Players.

Total Field Goals - Patrick Dangerfield. Total Disposals - Brad Close. Total Goals - Brad Close. West Coast vs Fremantle. Total Disposals - Alex Witherden. Total Goals - Bailey Banfield. Total Disposals - Andrew Brayshaw. Total Disposals - Bailey Banfield. Total Goals - Caleb Serong. Total Goals - Campbell Chesser.

Total Disposals - Brady Hough. Total Goals - Elliot Yeo. Total Disposals - Brandon Walker. Team news: Tom Hawkins managed was held out of Geelong's big win against North Melbourne last week but is expected to return to the starting line up ahead of this week's blockbuster at the Gabba, with captain Patrick Dangerfield hamstring also likely to make a return.

In good news for Lions fans, Charlie Cameron will be free to play after a successful tribunal hearing, but Zac Bailey will miss weeks with an ankle injury. Team news: It's mixed news for the Dockers, with small pressure forward Sam Switkowski under concussion protocols, but Sean Darcy knee and Michael Frederick hamstring could both make their returns to the line up.

Team news: The Suns will be missing Malcolm Rosas after the forward pulled his hamstring against the Hawks last week. Team news: Sam Mitchell could swing the axe after Hawthorn's embarrassing performance against the Suns in Round 5, particularly if Changkuoth Jiath, Will Day, Luke Breust, and Mitch Lewis are all deemed to be fit to return from their injury layoffs.

Skip to main content Skip to navigation. Finlayson vents frustration with anti-gay slur ban. AFLW targeting growth under new footy boss. Lions' Cameron has one-game suspension thrown out. Pies defender Murphy retires due to concussion. King set to miss Saints' clash with Bulldogs. No discontent as Bulldogs eye contention: Beveridge.

Dunstall elevated to AFL 'Legend' status. Draft Power Rankings: Mids, father-sons dominate the list. Will the Bombers back it up. Draft Power Rankings: Mids, father-sons dominate the list. Will the Bombers back it up. Can the Cats beat a good team. A good week to be named Sam; Hawks mids embarrassed.

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