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Published: 01.09.2023

Buy android tablet

Shop for Android Tablets at Best Buy. Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or in-store pick-up. inch Android 13 Tablets with Octa-Core, 14GB RAM GB ROM, mAh Battery, Drop-Proof Case, TF GB, HD IPS Touchscreen, 5G/G WiFi. Buy. Learn More. Google Pixel Tablet Review. Buying Guide: The Best Android Tablets for The State of Android Tablets. It's easy to find a budget-friendly. The best Android tablets you can buy today · OnePlus Pad · Amazon Fire HD 8 () display · Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 review unit · Google Pixel Tablet. The best Android tablets · 1. Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra · 2. OnePlus Pad · 3. Google Pixel Tablet · 4. Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 · 5. Lenovo.
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Breaking News: Potential Acquisition of Android Tablet Underway

Reports are circulating suggesting that a major player in the tech world is eyeing the purchase of an Android tablet. The deal, if finalized, could potentially reshape the landscape of the tablet market and bring significant competition to the forefront.

The bidding war for an Android tablet is reaching its peak, with negotiations intensifying behind closed doors. Sources close to the matter have indicated that this move could signal a strategic shift in the company's product lineup, catering to a more diverse consumer base.

If successful, this acquisition could further solidify the company's position in the technology sector and propel them to new heights in the tablet market. Fans and industry experts alike are eagerly awaiting the outcome of these developments, which could have a ripple effect across the entire industry.

Stay tuned for further updates as this story continues to unfold. The world of technology may soon witness a groundbreaking deal that could reshape the way we interact with Android tablets for years to come.

The best Android tablets in 2024

However, if you need a tablet for demanding tasks like gaming or video editing, you'll want to look further up this list at options from Samsung, OnePlus, and Google. Read our full Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 review. Blending conventional tablet design with something that's akin to the Microsoft Surface Pro 's stand, the Lenovo Yoga Tab 13 stands out from the crowd with its own in-built stand that lets the tablet be propped up without additional case accessories.

A micro HDMI port then lets you connect the tablet to a laptop to serve as a second screen, thereby further extending the Yoga Tab 13's capabilities. The Lenovo Yoga Tab 13 also has an enormous speaker by tablet standards, making it great for anything involving audio. Beyond that, you get a big inch x screen, a moderately powerful Snapdragon chipset, and a respectable amount of storage.

Read our full Lenovo Yoga Tab 13 review. But is still a tablet worth your attention, especially if you're after a small device for taking on holiday and you don't want to slash out on an iPad mini. It won't offer screaming performance and is somewhat locked down by Amazon's Fire ecosystem. Yet at the same time it has neat extras like wireless charging and the ability to play a secondary role as a form of Echo Show when matched with an optional dock.

That's because it sports a blue-light-reducing matte display. This screen can help reduce eye strain, making the tablets a pretty good ereader in addition to being a powerful Android tablet. We found that it was adept at handling multiple apps, despite having a mid-range MediaTek MT chip, with the tablet handling common tasks like video calls and mobile gaming with ease.

Of course, there are trade-offs. That matte screen is constructed in such a way that it adds fuzziness where clarity would be desired, and as such, detail may be lost when watching movies. Still, the Nxtpaper 10S is a unique tablet, and worth considering for that display alone. Read our full TCL Nxtpaper 10s review. Size and price are the two biggest considerations when buying a tablet.

Consider whether you want the biggest screen possible - which is great for media and productivity, or something smaller and therefore more portable. Consider how much you want and need to spend too. Buy android tablet If you don't need top-end power then you can usually save some money. Beyond that, other things to pay attention to are the screen resolution higher is better , and the battery life - obviously longer is better, but how important that is will depend on whether you mostly plan to use your tablet at home where you can plug it in at any time or when out and about where you might have to rely heavily on the battery.

If you plan to use your tablet for work or creative endeavors then it's also worth seeing whether it supports a keyboard or stylus, and whether any such things are included. Some tablets come with the option of 5G or 4G, but getting a data plan adds to the cost, so consider how much you'd need data when away from Wi-Fi - and remember that you can always tether your smartphone to your tablet to share your phone's connection instead.

Every tablet included in this guide has been reviewed in full, so we've spent a lot of time with each of them working out what's good, what's bad, and how they compare. We've made sure to fully test out their performance with apps and games, how good content looks on their screens, whether their interface is intuitive, how long the battery lasts, and how the cameras hold up, as well as assessing their design and build quality.

With that experience we've also considered how they're priced and whether there are newer models in the range, to come up with this ranking. Get the hottest deals available in your inbox plus news, reviews, opinion, analysis and more from the TechRadar team. Alex joined as TechRadar's Senior Phones Editor in June , but brings over a decade's worth of experience to the role, with an expertise in smartphones, tablets and wearables.

He's covered keynotes hosted by the biggest brands and attended the launches for some of the most influential mobile products of the last few years. His experience was amassed at some of the most reputable consumer technology publications out there, including GSMArena, TechAdvisor and Trusted Reviews. US Edition. North America. Tech Radar Gaming.

Best Android tablet: quick menu. Photo: buy android tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra. OnePlus Pad. Samsung Galaxy Tab A8. Google Pixel Tablet. Lenovo Yoga Tab Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus. Our expert review:. Specifications Weight: g. Dimensions: OS: Android Screen size: Resolution: x pixels.

Battery: 11,mAh. In contrast to the Kindle line of products that came before it, the Amazon Kindle Fire does not utilize eInk. It is a Tablet computer with an LCD screen and the capacity to play video and music files, operate applications and access the internet. It runs on an octa-core Snapdragon G SoC processor that provides power. It is powered by a 10,mAh battery and runs the Android 11 operating system.

Popular in your industry. Android Tablet products available. New Higher Contact Supplier Chat now. OEM L Shape Read our full OnePlus Pad review. If that doesn't bother you, this is a good budget tablet to get. Read our full Amazon Fire HD 8 review.

The Galaxy Tab S9 is good at a lot of things, but it's best at being a premium Android tablet. You can use it to get work done in a pinch, but in our experience, it's best enjoyed as a speedy all-purpose device for making work and play a bit more enjoyable. Though basically identical to last year's model, the S9 is more powerful and has a beautiful new AMOLED display that makes everything you do on it look great.

On the couch, it's great for gaming or reading comics. At work, it's nice to have as a note-keeping device or secondary display, especially if you go through the trouble of investing in the Galaxy ecosystem and making your workspace DeX-friendly. If you absolutely must have the biggest, baddest Android slate possible you probably want the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra , but if you just need a great premium Android tablet the Galaxy Tab S9 delivers — and in the process, sets a new standard for what we should expect from the category.

Read our full Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 review. It's both a tablet and a smart home device. It's a clear attempt on Google's part to help the tablet stand out from the pack, and it pays off. The speakers on the tablet's charging dock are also great, delivering more satisfying bass at the expense of some treble.

However, its support for various smart home technologies varies, and it can't match the capabilities or sound quality of a good dedicated smart home hub like the Nest Hub Max. Read our full Google Pixel Tablet review. Playing games is a delight too, thanks to the speedy Snapdragon processor and 8GB of memory.

The slate can even act as a secondary monitor for your laptop or tablet, giving its 2K screen a bit of extra versatility. The lack of 5G support is also a letdown, as is the lack of a headphone jack. Compare sports odds Read our full Lenovo Yoga Tab 13 review. And while the Tab S9 Ultra is a light 1. When it comes to picking the best Android tablet for you, start by thinking about the apps you want.

Yes, battery life and performance are so similar across many of these tablets that you can easily cross off half of this list by thinking about if you need your next Android tablet for more than just Netflix and Spotify. Those who want every single application on their Android phone should probably look away from the Amazon Fire tablets, as those require jumping through hoops and disabling security protection features to get Gmail or any of the Google apps as apps.

If you don't need those apps on your tablet, or could stand to use older, less-than-stellar versions of those applications in a web browser, then you can consider the Fire tablets. If you want all of the apps, you have three questions, each with its own answer. Are you mainly going to be consuming content. Get the Galaxy Tab S9.

Looking for a machine where you can crank out a Word document and possibly replace your laptop. The Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra is right for you. Those OK with the limitations of Amazon tablets should grab a Fire 7 for less demanding uses, and the Fire HD 8 if they're shopping for folks with slightly higher standards. And if you're looking for the best of the budget bunch, the Fire HD 10 is right for you.

If you need more guidance, we have detailed buying guides for the best Samsung tablets , the best Amazon Fire tablets and the best cheap tablets. The first thing we do to separate the great tablets from the jokers is to test all their different facets. Our web-surfing-based battery test times how long a tablet can browse the internet for, with its display set to nits of brightness.

But in order to figure out what percentage of brightness equals nits, we perform a series of display tests to measure how colorful the panel can get measured with its sRGB output number as well as how bright it can get. Then, we run benchmark tests on said tablet, including the latest version of the Geekbench general performance benchmark.

Another thing we do to evaluate Android tablets is check out the app store to see if you're getting a true Android experience or some company's vision thereof. The latter is a major disappointment — though we don't expect anything different from Amazon at this stage. On tablets with parental controls settings, we try and find the loopholes in said limitations, to find red flags before your kids can.

Then, we just use the tablets like we would if we owned them. Opening tab after tab and app after app to see if we can multitask without hiccups. We also watch YouTube videos because the color output sRGB and brightness nits measurements don't tell the whole story. Only through all of these tests, can we be sure that we're giving you a complete assessment of a tablet's value.

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