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Published: 29.01.2024

Horse racing form guide

years of horse racing news and handicapping analysis. Trusted from Kentucky to Hong Kong. Expert picks, live race video. Free horse racing form guide and fields from Racenet. Our guide covers every TAB horse race in Australia as well as international races from locations. Our detailed Horse Racing Form Guide and Race Fields are ultimate Guide to Horse Racing Today. Horse Racing fields and today's racing Form guide section of the. Studying the form is an integral part of picking winners and here we show you how to turn those numbers and letters into betting profit. Form is the record of a horse's performance in previous races and is seen by many as a good way of predicting a horse's future performance.
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Our Form Guide contains Full Fields & Form, Speed Maps, Sectional Times, Odds Comparisons, as well as Ratings on local and international racing! And if you're. Our detailed Horse Racing Form Guide and Race Fields are ultimate Guide to Horse Racing Horse racing form guide. Horse Racing fields and today's racing Form guide section of the. United Kingdom horse racing fields and today's racing form guide section contains all the racing form you require; Acceptances, Weight and Nomination are also. years of horse racing news and handicapping analysis. Trusted from Kentucky to Hong Kong. Expert picks, live race video.

Horse Racing Form Guide: A Comprehensive Analysis

The Background

Delving into the depths of the racing world, one must turn to the meticulous details present in the horse racing form guide. This essential tool is a treasure trove for enthusiasts and punters alike, offering a comprehensive overview of the past performances of horses participating in a specific race.

Deciphering the Form Guide

From jockeys and trainers to previous races and track conditions, the form guide encapsulates a myriad of factors that can potentially influence the outcome of a race. Analyzing this data is akin to unravelling a puzzle, where every piece plays a crucial role in establishing a horse's potential performance on race day.

Key Insights

One of the primary aspects to consider in the form guide is a horse's recent form. Consistent performance in recent races can be a telling indicator of a horse's fitness and readiness for the upcoming race. Furthermore, understanding a horse's preferred track conditions and distances can provide valuable insight into its chances of success.

The form guide also sheds light on the capabilities of the jockey and trainer. A successful partnership between a skilled jockey and an experienced trainer can often translate into victories on the track. By assessing their past performances and track records, punters can gauge the potential impact of this duo on the race.

Utilizing the Data

While the form guide serves as a wealth of information, its true value lies in the ability to extract meaningful insights and predictions from the data provided. Punters and enthusiasts alike can leverage this knowledge to make informed decisions when placing bets or analyzing race outcomes.


The horse racing form guide stands as a cornerstone of the racing world, offering a glimpse into the past performances and potential future successes of horses on the track. With a keen eye for detail and a thorough understanding of the data presented, one can navigate the complexities of the racing world with confidence and precision.

How do you read a daily racing form? Daily Racing Form publishes the last 12 running lines. The first number is the horse's post position. Then, there are several numbers indicating where a horse was positioned at various points in his previous race, usually in quarter-mile increments depending on the race distance.

What should I look for in horse racing form? What is the most important element of the form of a racehorse?

  • Class [Official Handicap Mark]
  • Recent Form.
  • Track Condition.
  • Distance.
  • Weight Carried.

How do you read a horse racing guide? More Form Guide Information

  1. 1-9 = finished the race in 1st to 9th position.
  2. 0 = finished the race further back than 9th.
  3. s = indicates a spell which is generally 3 months (some form guides use x)
  4. f = fell during the running of the race.
  5. p = pulled up during the running of the race.

What does F mean in horse racing form? F – indicates the horse fell. R – indicates a horse refused. BD – indicates the horse was brought down by another runner.

What does LX mean in horse racing? Lasix, also known as furosemide and described as an anti-bleeding medication, is used by veterinarians in horse racing to prevent respiratory bleeding in horses running at high speed. Blood entering the lungs during high physical activity can cause a pulmonary hemorrhage and result in death.

How do you work out horse racing form? Form runs from left to right, with the oldest races on the left and the most recent on the right.

  1. The numbers 1-9 indicate the position the horse finished in the race.
  2. The number 0 indicates that the horse finished outside the first 9.
  3. The symbol – separates racing seasons.

Horse Racing Form Guide

Chosen Miss. Red Sequoia. Prince Tikea. Bugatti Gold. Hooked On Wealth. Broadway Lane. Hayai Mesu. Field The Moment. Sassy Angel. Belmont Avenue. Southern Shooter. Fortis In Armis. Geraldton WA. Good 3. Sonic Ruler. Horse racing form guide Look Here Punk. A Lot Of Class. Lips Don't Lie. Mystery Bullet. Black Sands. Le Grand Jeu. Northeast Eagle. Make Mine Super. The Chief Justice. Pure Dynamite. Photo: horse racing form guide Golden Fighter.

Arabian Riches. Be Seated. Raging Beauty. Glass Off. Send It Son. Traded Crown. Sly As A Fox. Egg White. Well Played. Liberty Dame. International Wednesday 17 April Arawa Park. Soft 7. Super Photon. Ziggy Stardust. Force Of Law. Whiskey N' Rye.

The Exponent. Cast Of Diamonds. First Eminent. Li Li. Time Traveller. I'm Certain. Jamaica Farewell. Sassy Lass. Little Miss Wonder. Darci's Angel. I Am Groot. Opaea Joe. Horse racing news australia Mesa Verde. Rue De Rivoli. Pharaoh's Dream. Cinnamon Girl. Aussie Betty. Pure Fiction. Monsoon Knight. Stylish Red. Service Break. Secret Life. Faster Sooner Now. Queen Zou. Juste Raise. Happy Harry.

Jumper Baie. You For Me. Kind Lovely. Ventura Highway. Kandy Park. Kivala Du Berlais. Sail On. Horse racing form guide Nee En Bleue. Sainte Lucie. La Vie De Chateau. Imbatable Du Seuil. Jojo Lapin. Heloy Delabarriere. Juntos Ganamos. Magic Marvel. Romantisme Hurdle Class: 4YO. Karam Le Rouge. Mon Champion. Sang Pour Sang. Kowloon Park.

Kop De Boulogne. Kashback Wood. Peaky Boy. Diamond Ri. Minella Rescue. Leader In The Park. Doyen Quest. Sea Invasion. Beniamino Gili. Give Me A Break. Race 2 - Maiden Class: 3YO. El Catimba. Escape Plan. Como Una Loba. Race 3 - Allowance Class: 3YO. Silver Wolf. Danger Song.

Principe De Oro. El Manolo. Like Company. Mi Papi Pirulo. Senorita Romana. Race 6 - Maiden Class: 3YO. Divine Colt. Bel Cuore. El Concesionario. Van Der Sar. By The Book. My Kingdom Come. Musico Urbano. Rio Malleco. She Is So Nice. Never Surprise. Constantino Romano.

Jasper Park. Clave Maestra. Gran Legolas. Prefiero Callar. California Tiger. Hey Nina. Fairmount Park. Not To Be Denied. Too Much Tuesday. Air Gerri. Keep Attacking. Charlie's Beach. Ghaaleb's Honor. Big Sally. Candy Looker. Upbeat Melody. Troy Ounce. Tapit Sam. Comiskey Park. W W Candy. Fast Jack. Wildwood Sicilian. Life Of Saturdays. Smile At The Storm.

Rock The Birdhouse. Magical River. Golden Link. Fire Alarm. Nikes Ray Of Light. Outer Dimension. William's Legacy. Island Master. Crystal Maiden. Heart Of Thieves. Millennium Dancer. Lady Writer. State Of Mind. Lady Zultanite. Fire Glow. Runaway Song. Brenden James. Global Ally. Slings And Arrows. Inherit The Rain. Safe Return. Mary Lamb.

Midnight Crystal. Raising Quinn. Dream Scape. Timbavati River. Twice To Heaven. American Dream. Hermes Le Gris. Ghost Hunter. Pilgrims King. Thatza Dazzler. Kap Chidley. Out Of Focus. Wide To West. Dartmoor Pirate. Risk De Pluie. Minella Blueway. Ballymagroarty Boy. As Legends Have It. Boyles Hill.

Andy Amo. Rosa Trezy. Les Flots Bleus. Las Mellizas. St Briac. Ghost Flight. I Risk. Saint Patis. High In The Sky. Jufull Du Seuil. To read a racing form, start by scanning the top header for general information. Next, find the race number, which is typically a number between 1 and 10, to the left side of the header. Then, find the track name to the right of the race number.

Underneath the track name will be a short description describing the race conditions. After that, you'll see 3 columns of horse information that tells you the horse's gender, age, pedigree, and performance history. For tips on using this information to your advantage, read on. Did this summary help you. Yes No.

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Please log in with your username or email to continue. No account yet. Create an account. Learn why people trust wikiHow. Download Article Explore this Article parts. Related Articles. Article Summary. Part 1. Scan the header. All of the general information about the race will be available at the header of the Racing Form.

It will be located above other information, in larger fonts, separated from the body of the text by a line. Find the race number. This will be located on the left-hand side of the header, in large font. Because most tracks run several races per day, this is used to distinguish between different races. It will typically be a number from one to ten.

Find the track name. This will be in particularly large and bolded print, above all of the other information in the header, excluding the race number which will be to its left. Find race conditions. Underneath the track name, there will approximately three lines worth of description.

This will begin with the length of the race, the track record, the purse that goes to the winner. It will also list conditions that were necessary for the horses to qualify for the race. These class specifications will be listed in the race conditions. Alternatively, you will see an alpha-numeric code to the right of track name and above the race conditions.

These codes are used to convey most of the information included in the race description. That makes it possible for experts to quickly scan the header for race information. Review the track diagram. On the far right-hand side of the header, you can find a picture of the course.

Part 2. Find Horse Information. This includes identifying information for the race, pedigree, and average performance history. Look to the far left column for identifying information. Look to the middle column for physical and pedigree information. The first row is composed of an initial indicating color, a second initial indicating gender, and a third indicating age.

R10 Race 10 c4. R11 Race 11 b2. R12 Race 12 b3. R1 Race 1 c3. R2 Race 2 c3. R4 Race 4 c2. R5 Race 5 c3. R6 Race 6 c1. R7 Race 7 c2. R8 Race 8 c1. R10 Race 10 b2. R11 Race 11 a2. R12 Race 12 c2. R2 Race 2 c2. R3 Race 3 c3. R4 Race 4 c3. R6 Race 6 c3. R8 Race 8 c2. R9 Race 9 c1. R10 Race 10 b1.

R11 Race 11 cond. R12 Race 12 b2. R1 Latter Kennedy Bm R3 Magic Millions Mdn Hcp. R5 Rossco's Pizza Mdn Hcp. R6 Mayors Cup. R11 Allenstown Square Meats Bm R12 MP Security Hcp R4 Sky Racing Bm R6 Richmond Club Bm R7 Lander Toyota Mdn Hcp. R8 Clarendon Tavern Bm R2 Stable of Stars Racing Hcp R3 Fulmen Park Mdn Plate. R5 Plusvital Bm R6 Bunyip Equipment Bm R3 Hahn Super Dry 3.

R6 Sound Telegraph Hcp C1. R3 Forster Bowling Club Bm R6 The Man Walk Bm R7 Club Forster Hcp C1. R2 Chris Hay Livestock Mdn. R4 Pasture First Bm R5 Emmetts Service Centre Mdn. R6 Treadwell Gordon Mdn. R8 Natalie's Birthday Bm R3 www. R6 Call Now. Or Play Online. R7 Bet At racingtv. R1 bet Handicap.

R4 bet Craven Stakes Group 3. R3 Ripon Silver Bowl Handicap. R5 Armstrong Memorial Handicap. R1 Hortensias Stakes. R2 Champ Libre Maiden Stakes. R3 Signora Maiden Stakes. R4 Gerland Handicap. R5 Marcy l'Etoile Stakes. R6 Steiner Pons Stakes. R8 Gabriel Giraud Handicap. R1 Du Printemps Handicap.

R2 De Treillieres Handicap. R3 De La Tortiere Stakes. R4 Des Sorinieres Stakes. R6 De Proce Handicap. R7 Claude Rouget Hurdle. R1 De Marly Handicap. R2 Machado Stakes. R3 Du Louvre Stakes. R4 De Verneuil Maiden Stakes. R5 De Viroflay Maiden Stakes. R6 De Trevise Maiden Stakes. R7 De La Boetie Stakes. R8 De Stainte-Gemme Handicap. R1 Race 1 - Maiden Special Weight.

R3 Race 3 - Maiden Special Weight. R8 Race 8 - Starter Optional Claiming. R6 Race 6 - Starter Allowance. R3 Race 3 - Maiden Claiming. R5 Race 5 - Maiden Claiming. R7 Race 7 - Starter Optional Claiming. R9 Race 9 - Maiden Special Weight. R1 Race 1 - Allowance. R2 Race 2 - Allowance.

R4 Race 4 - Maiden Optional Claiming. R7 Race 7 - Allowance Optional Claiming. R8 Race 8 - Allowance Optional Claiming. R9 Race 9 - Maiden Optional Claiming. R1 Race 1 - Maiden. R3 Race 3 - Maiden. R4 Race 4 - Maiden. R5 Race 5 - Allowance. R7 Race 7 - Maiden. R10 Race 10 - Maiden. R11 Race 11 - Allowance. R12 Race 12 - Allowance. R13 Race 13 - Allowance. R14 Race 14 - Allowance.

R4 Race 4 c8. R5 Race 5 a3. R7 Race 7 b7. R8 Race 8 b6. R9 Race 9 b5. R10 Race 10 c1. R3 Race 3 cond. R4 Race 4 c4. R5 Race 5 c4. R8 Race 8 b4. R10 Race 10 b3.