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Published: 24.12.2023

Horse racing scratchings today

In horse racing, a “scratching” refers to the removal of a horse from a race after the final declaration stage. This means that the horse was initially entered. Find out today's scratchings across every race and every meeting. Our scratchings page brings you numbers, names, and the latest track conditions. Scratchings. Scratchings. Today · Tomorrow · Friday · Saturday. Horse Racing. Balaklava (SA), Canterbury (NSW), Caulfield Heath (VIC), Doomben (QLD). Geraldton. View race scratchings for all tracks including the biggest races and Flemington, Caulfield, Sandown, Doomben, Randwick, Rosehill, Ascot, Moonee Valley. Scratchings. Ballarat. R1 • Eureka Concrete Mdn Plate · 3 Today at am · 5. Queen Teresita Sunday at 8 R4 • Scone Equine Hospital Mdn Hcp · 1. Wild Flash.
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Today's Scratchings · Gear Changes · Video Replays · Trial Results · Horse Search · Stewards Reports · Meeting Calendar · Feature Races · Tracks · Top 20. Horse Racing. Tue 16 Apr. VENUE, SCRATCHINGS. Scone (NSW) · 25 (1 horse racing scratchings today · Ballarat (VIC) · 21 · Kilcoy (QLD) · 0 · Cairns (QLD) · 0. Greyhounds. Tue 16 Apr. Scratchings · TABCORP PK MENANGLE Race 1 - 8. OH NOVA LOVE NZ Race 6 - 6. BE MY GIRL Race 7 - 4. SMOKESHOW Race 8 - 9. CELESTIAL GOSSIP · YOUNG Race 6 - 5. IDEAL. Thursday's Racing · Friday's Racing; Scratchings; Tuesday's Results · Tips · Promotions · Filter · Futures · News · GR1 Calendar. Horse Racing. Wed 28 Feb.

Horse Racing Scratchings Today: Breaking News in the World of Equestrian Sport

Reporting live on the latest developments in the realm of horse racing scratchings today, the equestrian community finds itself abuzz with whispers of unforeseen changes and shifting dynamics amongst the noble steeds. The high stakes and heart-pounding excitement of the racetrack have been met with unexpected turns, leaving enthusiasts and punters alike grappling with newfound uncertainties.

Unraveling the Unexpected: A Closer Look at the Scratchings

Amidst the anticipation and build-up to today's races, unforeseen scratchings have sent shockwaves through the equestrian world . Fans were left reeling as the favorite contenders were scratched from the lineup, altering the landscape of the competition in a dramatic fashion.

The sudden announcement of these scratchings has raised questions about the health and readiness of the horses, sparking debates and speculations among experts and enthusiasts. As the dust settles and the revised lineup takes shape, one thing remains certain - today’s races are set to deliver an unprecedented level of intrigue and suspense.

The Ripple Effect: Impact on Punters and Predictions

For punters and analysts alike, the scratchings have introduced a wave of uncertainty, forcing last-minute adjustments to predictions and betting strategies. The absence of key contenders has reshuffled the odds and introduced an element of unpredictability to the proceedings, leaving spectators at the edge of their seats in anticipation of the unfolding events.

Looking Ahead: A New Chapter in the World of Horse Racing

As the day progresses and the races unfold, the equestrian world is poised on the brink of a thrilling new chapter. The scratchings today have set the stage for an unforgettable day of competition, showcasing the resilience and adaptability of both the horses and their riders. With the spotlight firmly fixed on the racetrack and the stakes higher than ever, one can only watch with bated breath as the events of the day continue to surprise and captivate audiences worldwide.

Today's Scratchings

Race 2 None. Race 3 None. Race 5 6 Lord Of Darkness. Race 7 4 Hot Flush , 7 Stella Notation. Race 1 5 Chilly Charlie. Race 2 10 The Stars. Race 3 3 Althoff , 7 Kikoira , 9 Media World. Race 4 None. Race 1 8 Centre Square , 5 Zourain. Race 2 8 Telescope. Race 3 2 Lord Devenish. Race 7 12 Disturbia , 11 Impending Shadow. Jump to top. Race 3 13 Lazarus.

Race 4 5 Pride Of Savabella. Race 6 2 Brasco. Horse racing scratchings today Race 7 None. Race 2 7 Blitz. Race 4 1 Bombay Style. Race 5 None. Race 6 None. Race 2 5 Kickpass. Race 4 1 Adachi. Like all betting, it's a case of risk versus reward. The earlier you bet into a race, the better your odds are likely to be and the more you could possibly win.

However, the risk is that with so much time before the race, many things could go wrong and your horse may not take its place in the race. It may be scratched, or it may not even be nominated for the race if connections change their mind regarding the horse's racing preparation and program. Photo: horse racing scratchings today Keep an eye on the market rules to be sure. You have no protection against your horse being scratched in this situation.

So the rewards are there, but bet carefully. Search Racenet. Login Subscribe. Late scratchings are equally important given the deductions to dividends that occur as a result. What's Scratchings in Harness Racing. Scratchings can occur for a number of reasons. These include: Injuries or missteps in a horse's preparation may cause a trainer to take the conservative route and scratch a horse The conditions on race day, such as the weather, may lead a trainer to conclude that the horse has little chance of winning, and may be better aimed at another race where there's better hopes of success The competitive conditions of the race may likewise lead connections to conclude there's little hope of success for their horse — perhaps the field that has assembled will have a major impact on their own tactics or chances.

Late scratchings may occur when there's unexpected happenings immediately prior to the start of the race. Horses can potentially injure themselves right up until the time a race is due to jump, resulting in them needing to be scratched from the race. Less commonly — particularly in harness racing — horses may become fractious and misbehave before a race, to the point where it's clear they will not be able to compete and may pose a danger to themselves or other horses and drivers.

In this case, a runner may also be scratched from a race. Harness Racing Betting Scratchings involve the withdrawal of a horse from a race, and thus obviously have an impact on the betting market. Harness Racing Deductions Bookmakers set a market — and punters bet into it — assuming that all horses will take their place. If you place a bet and your horse is scratched, then your bet will be refunded.