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Published: 17.09.2023

Racing results yesterday

Results and video replays from meetings including Newmarket, Ffos Las, Newcastle, Naas, Fairview, Auteuil, Compiegne, Vincennes, Kolkata, Fairmount Park. This section contains all the racing results for yesterday's UK and Irish horse racing, plus selected US and overseas meetings. The Timeform horse racing results service has all the racing results for yesterday's GB & IRE, SAF, USA racing fixtures. Plus, you can see all of today's horse. Get all the latest horse racing results and video replays from yesterday's racing across the UK and Ireland. Our horse racing results from yesterday are on site now, and they'll provide a snapshot of how the race unfolded, with the from the contest listed as well.
Photo: racing results yesterday

Horse Racing Results. See all of today's horse racing results or use the Select Date tab to search past results. Latest. Today. Yesterday. Monday. Racing results yesterday. The Timeform horse racing results service has all the racing results for yesterday's GB & IRE, SAF, USA racing fixtures. Plus, you can see all of today's horse. Get all the latest horse racing results and video replays from yesterday's racing across the UK and Ireland. Find out all the horse racing results for the last 14 days for races in the UK and Ireland on BBC Sport.

Exciting Racing Results from Yesterday

Wow, what a thrilling day it was in the world of racing! The track was alive with heart-pounding action and jaw-dropping competition as racers fought for glory in a series of intense races.

In the first race of the day, the anticipation was palpable as the cars lined up on the grid, engines roaring in anticipation. The race was a true spectacle of speed and skill, with drivers pushing themselves to the limit in pursuit of victory.

As the laps flew by, the tension mounted, with nail-biting overtakes and strategic pit stops adding to the drama. The competition was fierce and unforgiving, with every driver giving their all to come out on top.

The final moments of the race were nothing short of breathtaking, with a dramatic finish leaving fans on the edge of their seats. In the end, one driver emerged victorious, claiming the top spot on the podium and etching their name into racing history.

Overall, it was a day to remember for racing fans everywhere, with unforgettable moments and incredible displays of skill on the track. We can't wait to see what the future holds for these talented drivers as they continue to push the boundaries of speed and performance.

Yesterday's Results | Tuesday 16th April 2024

Winning trainer : Y Fouin. Winning jockey : K Dubourg. Winning jockey : A Zuliani. Winning trainer : F Nicolle. Winning jockey : A Chesneau. Winning trainer : J Silva. Winning jockey : K Nabet. Winning trainer : M Seror. Winning jockey : F Giles. Winning trainer : D Cottin. Winning jockey : N Gauffenic. Winning trainer : Mlle A S Pacault. Winning trainer : E Clayeux.

Winning jockey : C Grosbois. Winning trainer : M Drean. Winning jockey : C Berge. Racing results yesterday Winning trainer : P De Chevigny. Winning jockey : A Mosse. Winning trainer : F Foresi. Winning jockey : M Guyon. Winning jockey : A Pouchin. Winning trainer : A Schutz. Winning jockey : G Sias. Winning trainer : Mme R Philippon. Winning jockey : M Barzalona. Winning trainer : P Cottier.

Winning jockey : H Besnier. Photo: racing results yesterday Winning jockey : G Gilard. Winning trainer : I P Blanchon. Winning jockey : P Belloche. Winning trainer : P Belloche. Winning jockey : A Lamy. Winning trainer : F Leblanc. Winning jockey : M Abrivard. Winning trainer : M Abrivard. Winning jockey : E Raffin. Winning trainer : C H Mottier. Winning jockey : Leo Abrivard. Winning trainer : L Cl Abrivard.

Winning jockey : J Y Ricart. Winning trainer : J Robert. Winning jockey : Q B Verneuil. Winning trainer : M Lemercier. Winning jockey : Emmanuel Giles. Winning trainer : Kenny Jansen. Winning jockey : Cory Orm. Winning trainer : James Watkins. Winning jockey : Victor Bailon. Winning trainer : Max Quinonez. Winning jockey : Victor Santiago.

Winning trainer : Scott Becker. Winning jockey : Juan Jr Molina. Winning trainer : Don Bentler. Winning jockey : Alexander Bendezu. Winning trainer : Armando Hernandez. Winning jockey : Reynier Arrieta. Tatts bett Winning trainer : Ralph Martinez. Winning jockey : German Terraza 7. Winning trainer : Charlie Livers. Winning jockey : Abel Cedillo. Winning trainer : Michael Pino. Winning jockey : Alberto Burgos.

Winning trainer : Scott Mullins. Winning jockey : Samuel Bermudez. Winning trainer : Anthony Cunningham. Ffos Las. Jumps, 6 races, - , Soft. Flat, 8 races, - , Slow. Flat, 8 races, - Racing TV brings you the latest results from UK. Irish racecourses.

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Launceston Rayner Transport Mdn Plate. Sonoda JP. Sonoda Race 12 C2. Urawa Race 9 C1. Kasamatsu Race 11 B1. Balaklava SA. Balaklava Tqcsi Hcp Mombetsu Race 4 Cond. Sonoda Race 11 A2. Caulfield Heath VIC. Urawa Race 8 C2. Canterbury NSW. Canterbury Tab Bm Kasamatsu Race 10 Cond. Balaklava Coopers Brewery Hcp Mombetsu Race 3 C4. Sonoda Race 10 B2.

Doomben QLD. Urawa Race 7 C2. Geraldton Tabtouch Mdn. Canterbury Yarraman Park Bm Kasamatsu Race 9 B2. Balaklava Adelaide Galvanising Industries Hcp Mombetsu Race 2 Cond. Sonoda Race 9 B2. Doomben Ladbrokes Yard Comments Bm Urawa Race 6 C3. Geraldton Iron Jack Mdn.

Canterbury Robrick Lodge Bm Kasamatsu Race 8 Cond. Mombetsu Race 1 Cond. Balaklava Taylors Wines Hcp Sonoda Race 8 C1. Doomben Xxxx Gold Mdn Plate. Urawa Race 5 Cond. Canterbury Cylinder Darley Bm Kasamatsu Race 7 Cond. Sonoda Race 7 C2. Doomben Ladbrokes Racing Club Bm Urawa Race 4 C3.

Kasamatsu Race 6 Cond. Arawa Park NZ. Sonoda Race 6 C1. Urawa Race 3 C3. Kasamatsu Race 5 C1. Arawa Park Waitomo Fuels Mdn. Canterbury James Squire Mdn Hcp. Sonoda Race 5 C3. Balaklava My Butcher Mdn Plate. Urawa Race 2 C2. Doomben Neca Queensland Mdn Hcp. Kasamatsu Race 4 C1. Sonoda Race 4 C2. Canterbury Schweppes Mdn Hcp. Urawa Race 1 C3. Doomben Sky Racing Hcp. Kasamatsu Race 3 C1.

Arawa Park Lance Lawson Bm Sonoda Race 3 C1. Kasamatsu Race 2 C1. Arawa Park Campbell Infrastructure Bm Sonoda Race 2 C3. Doomben Cascade Mdn Hcp. Kasamatsu Race 1 C1. Arawa Park Novara Park Mdn. Sonoda Race 1 C3. Arawa Park Sherlock Contracting Mdn. Concepcion CL.

Turf Paradise US. Arawa Park Macmillan Accountants Mdn. Turf Paradise Race 8 - Claiming. Turf Paradise Race 7 - Claiming. Concepcion Race 9 - Truck One H. Turf Paradise Race 6 - Claiming. Concepcion Race 8 - Trapiche H. Horseshoe Indianapolis US. Horseshoe Indianapolis Race 9 - Maiden.

Concepcion Race 7 - Tango Arrabalero H. Horseshoe Indianapolis Race 8 - Maiden Claiming. Concepcion Race 6 - Maiden. Turf Paradise Race 3 - Claiming. Will Rogers Downs US. Horseshoe Indianapolis Race 7 - Allowance.