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Published: 26.04.2024

Sydney race results today

See all of today's horse racing results or use the Select Date tab to search past results. Latest. Today. Yesterday. Monday. Sunday. Select Date. NSW TAB racing results for every track in New South Wales, including today's results and all previous meetings. Venue Date, Venue, Free Results. Wed Apr , Canterbury Park NSW - Professional · Available Now (interim) · Scone NSW - Trial (Trial) · Available Now. Latest TAB racing results from today and the past Race Updates · Scratchings · Rider Updates · Dual Sydney Autumn Carnival · Melbourne Autumn Carnival. HORSE RACING RESULTS - New South Wales ; Mon Apr, Royal Randwick NSW - Trial (Trial) · Available Now ; Sun Apr, Grafton NSW - Professional · Available Now.
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Sydney Race Results Today: A Thrilling Display of Racing Excellence

Today's racing extravaganza in Sydney treated fans to a gripping spectacle, filled with fierce competition and jaw-dropping displays of skill on the track.

The first race of the day set the tone for what was to come, with an electrifying display of speed and precision. The crowd was on the edge of their seats as the competitors battled it out for that coveted top spot.

The second race did not disappoint, with drivers pushing themselves to the limits in their quest for victory. The dynamic shifts in positions kept spectators glued to the action, as every turn brought new surprises.

As the final race unfolded, tensions soared as participants vied for the ultimate glory. The climactic finish left everyone in awe of the sheer talent and determination on display.

This event truly showcased the essence of racing, combining adrenaline-pumping moments with sheer skill and strategy. Fans were left with memories that will linger long after the dust has settled on the track.

Stay tuned for more updates from the thrilling world of racing, as competitors continue to push the boundaries of what is possible on the track.

Randwick Horse Race Results

Flying D'amore. Careful Missile. Deer Hunter. Lucifer The Cat. Surreal Ascot. Pivotal Lad. A Lot Of Booty. Too Much Makeup. Hell And Back. Under Twenty Two. Lady Chartwell. Tappy's Lad. Grecian Lass. Autumn Miss. Jonny Da Wolf. Sydney race results today Cryptic Sound. Born Fearless. She's Got Lyrics. Crimson Beauty. Very Swish.

Tambourine Man. Better Strings. La Seule. Shy Guy. Desert Mist. Chayse 'N' Adam. Photo: sydney race results today Typhoon Taavi. Matter Of Honour. Tikka Ready. Great Aspirations. Mount Fuji. Billionair Baby. Thankful Heart. Spill The Tears. Gotta Go Guru. Rivoli View. Whisky Sour. Exalted Belle. Africarn Lad. Apache Station.

Our Swoosh. Talkin' Italian. Taking Omaha. Foxy Frost. Divine Mistress. Inner Sanctum. The Silent Devil. Sir Aali. Sioux Warrior. Lord Valen. Goldrush Guru. Hebrings Cash. Prance 'N' Bow. Dreams Fulfilled. Betting promos Hot Off. I Tell Ya What. High On Sugar. My Crackling.

Star Valour. Sacred Chord. Morris Minor. Trumpty Dumpty. Star Studded Belle. Orchard Thief. Totemo Hayai. The Tank. Chosen Miss. Red Sequoia. Prince Tikea. Bugatti Gold. Warrandyte Road. Think Tank. One Sky Above Us. Hooked On Wealth. Broadway Lane. Sydney race results today Rippa Buzz. King Moya. Commanding Reign. Lucky Blue. Hayai Mesu.

Field The Moment. Sassy Angel. Super Alana. Off The Cuff. American Trouble. Grinzinger Burg. Belmont Avenue. Southern Shooter. Fortis In Armis. Andrew's Memory. Fox Gem. Tales Of Conflict. Li'l Hank. The Last Dance. Cuban Lord. Grinzinger Bishop. Tough Impact. Miss Tanzanite. Carnelian Rock. Tigers On Top. Streets Ahead.

Open Arms. Miss Pasha. Gee Gees Moonlite. Wickham Light. Miss Pebbles. Major Lazer. Miss Vivace. Foreign Legion. Smart Artie. Surely Special. Miles 'N' Miles. Aussie Warrior. Speed Rock. Rich 'N' Powerful. Mystic Hope. Murphy's Knight. Brazen Impact. A Little Deceit. Monte Bianco. Forest Diamond. Belpine Miss. Bao Bun. Geegees City Boy.

Not Rich Enuff. Power Magnum. O'reilly Mcluke. Banca Tom. Gee Gee Als Prince. I'm Keefe. Princess Matoaka. Geegee Jet By. Southern Wind. Gee Gee Can Win. Gallant Warriors. Freak On A Lead. Alpine Affair. Lion's Tooth. Fighting Floyd. Our Little Ted. My Demetra. Clifton Danseur.

Zulu Angel. Kay Oh Ell. Geegees Hisword. Sonic Ruler. Look Here Punk. A Lot Of Class. Lips Don't Lie. Ginger Jive. Cinnamon Twist. Victory Sweep. Sambuca Rose. Timely Advice. Martos Cob. Mystery Bullet. Black Sands. Le Grand Jeu. Northeast Eagle. Struck By Luck. Blatant Disarray. Zero Dawn. Aussie Euro. Rocking Pretty. This Is America. Jimmy Seven. Make Mine Super.

The Chief Justice. Pure Dynamite. Rising Commodity. Dark Peak. Admiral Husson. Golden Fighter. Arabian Riches. Be Seated. Saturday Sun. Bold Prophet. Three Sessions. Raging Beauty. Glass Off. Send It Son. Safe Hustle. Queen Tiffany. Frost David. Peppi Grove. Grey Mistress.

Leroy The Sepoy. Traded Crown. Sly As A Fox. Egg White. Miff Muffered Moof. Rock Dee Jay. Juruena Gold. Stay Astern. Zera Blue. Call Me Violet. Dark Mist. Well Played. Liberty Dame. The Collector. Delago Dehero. Cape Pride. Spirit Man. Super Axiom. Modest Gentleman. Sweet Diamond. Northern Beast. Big Two. Medic Elite. Phoenix Light. Glory Cloud. Flying Silver. Gold Tack.

Running Ahead. Kaholo Angel. Wings Of War. Joy Coming. California Touch. Ka Ying Cheer. My Intelligent. Superb Capitalist. Beauty Infinity. Kyrus Dragon. Turin Warrior. Jumbo Legend. Zoom Boom. Red Hare King. Giddy Up. Capital Legend. Super Photon. Ziggy Stardust. Force Of Law. Noble Master. True Promise. Whiskey N' Rye. The Exponent. Joshua Brown. Did The Trick.

Carter Russell. Bernie's Ego. Dream Lane. Cast Of Diamonds. First Eminent. Li Li. Time Traveller. I'm Certain. Jamaica Farewell. Lady Hika. Stylish Invasion. Keepz Occurring. La Evita. Sassy Lass. Little Miss Wonder. Egyptian Blue. Polite Society. Auld Jock. Darci's Angel. I Am Groot. Gin Gin. The Green Keeper. Breckon Power. A Mandarin. Opaea Joe.

Mesa Verde. Rue De Rivoli. Midnight Scandal. Mini Mystic. Pharaoh's Dream. Cinnamon Girl. Aussie Betty. Ice Empress. Bee On Time. Pure Fiction. Monsoon Knight. Stylish Red. Bourbon Empress. Cash Treasure. Pac Man. Ride The Wave. Our Bella Flyer. Service Break. Secret Life. Faster Sooner Now. Queen Zou.

Aladdin Sane. Pirates 'N' Gold. Joie De Vivre. Dark Thirty. Aberama Gold. Just A Spark. Great Ambassador. Al Farabi. Barefoot Angel. Whip Cracker. Caviar Heights. Ambiente Friendly. Gasper De Lemos. El Cordobes. Native American. Quatre Bras. Immortal Knight. Ottoman Fleet. Astro King. Hi Royal. Regal Reality. The Foxes. Pretty Crystal. Dance Sequence.

True Cyan. Gushing Gold. Heritage House. Lexington Belle. Born To Rock. It Ain't Two. Magic Mild. Seraphim Angel. Miss Rascal. Juno Star. Tearaway Two. Kodi Banphrionsa. Aurora's Beauty. Miss Justice. Glimpse The Moon. Hey Big Spender. Lake Teo. Blue Akoya. Poetic Dawn. Align The Stars. Go Daddy.

Stormy Waves. User Amistoso. Victory Shout. Ambiente Amigo. Bust A Move. Peaky Boy. Diamond Ri. Minella Rescue. Leader In The Park. Shy Love. Leading Choice. Doyen Quest. Sea Invasion. Titan Discovery. Samuel Spade. Pentland Hills. Peking Rose. Bashers Reflection.

Spring Note. Uggy Uggy Uggy. In Excelsis Deo. Hang In There. Torn And Frayed. Idalko Bihoue. Il Ridoto. Our Jet. Final Orders. Do Your Job. Sail Away. Midnight Our Fred. Northern Poet. Haston Clermont. Dee Star. Coeur Serein. Didero Vallis. Stellar Stream. Whydah Gally. Blade Runner. Zain Nights. Harbour Lake.

Supreme Gift. Pull Again Green. Party Business. Hector Javilex. Shallow River. Copper Coin. Ted's Friend. Call Me Lord. Moon D'orange. Some Scope. Court Master. Are U Wise To That. Full Back. Java Point. Escaria Ten. Hidden Heroics. Captain Cattistock. Rare Middleton. Our Champ. Magical Maggie. Wild Max. Witness Protection.

Mick Maestro. Bold Reaction. Moveit Like Minnie. Norman Fletcher. Castel Gandolfo. Getaway Drumlee. A Law Of Her Own. In This World. Takeit Easy. Kiss My Face. Midnight Lion. Best Guess. Heatherdown Hero. Humble Spark. We Still Believe. Oscar Doodle. Hot Team. Emer Elysees. Martin's Brig. Miss Harmony. Tables Turned. Loom Large. Outrun The Storm. Archduke Ferdinand.

Star Zinc. As If By Chance. Feel The Need. Prairie Falcon. Waiting All Night. Matty Too. Bobby Joe Leg. Abruzzo Mia. High Velocity. Queen's Guard. Thelma's Angel. Exceed Now. Odette's Beau. Blue Force. Oriental Prince. Ten Dimes. Radiant Beauty. Sneaky Girl. Carping Caitlin. Liz's Kitten. La Sonnambula. Angel Of Antrim. Fircombe Hall. Angel Amadea. Rockin Rosa. Jems Bond. Glory Call.

Absolute Dream. Going To The Moon. Brother Dave. Cuban Storm. Notion In Motion. Royal City. Tees Douge. Miners Gamble. Miss Rainbow. Wren Officer. Forever Eighteen. Come On Irene. Chillout Charlie. Bella Camina. J W Ruckus. Gold Buckle. Devils Red. Pewter's Promise. Lil Gin N Class. Shaggy Kitty.

Cozy Gal. Molly's Aussie. Forever Pink. Tu Cha. Shanghai Express. The Kid Pataky. Goody Four Shoes. Night Livin. Forever Noted. Star Review. Three Two Run. Andele Andele. Sakra's Promise. Mama's Boy. Single Dip. Yoshida's Impact. Inspired Fire. Outlaw Woman. Channah Del Mar. La Flaka. Ocho's Secret.

Who Not What. Got The Life. Sharon's Prince. Loma Paloma. Kobe W. Azteca's Gold. D' Pistol. Full Armor. Voodoo Devil. Molly's Town. Five O' Somewhere. New Year's Fever. Pickle Feet. Butch's Best. Meadow Value. El Rosillo. King Me. Launceston Pfd Food Services Bm Happy Valley Stubbs Hcp C5.

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Urawa Race 11 Cond. Mombetsu Race 6 C4. Geraldton Geraldton Toyota Hcp C2. Urawa Race 10 B1. Kasamatsu JP. Kasamatsu Race 12 Cond. Mombetsu Race 5 Cond. Launceston Rayner Transport Mdn Plate. Sonoda JP. Sonoda Race 12 C2. Urawa Race 9 C1. Kasamatsu Race 11 B1. Balaklava SA. Balaklava Tqcsi Hcp Mombetsu Race 4 Cond. Sonoda Race 11 A2. Caulfield Heath VIC. Urawa Race 8 C2.

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