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Published: 20.03.2024

Vic races today

Latest TAB racing results for every track in Victoria (VIC), including today's results and all previous meetings. Free horse racing form guide and fields from Racenet. Our guide covers every TAB horse race in Australia as well as international races from locations. palisademiranda.com.au is Australia's premier resource for racing news, video, raceday information & profiles. Watch live & on-demand VIC & SA horse racing anywhere. RACE FIELDS & FORM - Victoria ; Sun Apr, Apiam Bendigo · · ; Mon Apr, bet Mildura · Racing Victoria is Victoria's premier hub for all horse racing news, video, race day information, rider & trainer profiles and other racing resources.
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TODAY'S RACING · Albion Park (QLD). SR1. Show Races · Balaklava (SA). SR1. Show Races · Ballarat (VIC). SR1. Show Races · Bathurst (NSW). SR1. Show Races · Bendigo. Click here for all your Victorian greyhound racing news, form, results and statistics. Greyhound racing, it's the best racing you've never seen! Recent & Upcoming Races · Tue Apr 16 · Wed Apr vic races today · Thu Apr 18 · Fri Apr 19 · Sat Apr Racing Victoria's posts ; 3. 9. 4K ; 2. 4. 2K ; · 3. 5K.

The Excitement Builds as Vic Races Today Promise Thrilling Action

Excitement is at an all-time high in the world of horse racing as Vic races unfold today, showcasing a myriad of talented contenders vying for glory. With adrenaline-pumping races scheduled throughout the day, fans can expect a spectacle that will keep them on the edge of their seats.

Competitors and Contenders

This event brings together a diverse range of competitors, each with their own unique strengths and strategies. From seasoned veterans to up-and-coming sensations, the field is stacked with talent that promises fierce competition.

Track Conditions and Weather Forecast

The track conditions play a pivotal role in determining the outcomes of these races. With unpredictable weather adding an element of unpredictability, trainers and jockeys will need to adapt quickly to ensure their chances of success.

Key Matchups and Rivalries

Among the most anticipated aspects of this race day are the key matchups and rivalries that have developed over time. As top contenders face off against each other, fans can expect intense battles that will keep them glued to their screens.

Standings and Race Results

Stay tuned for live updates on standings and race results as the day progresses. From photo-finishes to dominant displays of skill, every race is poised to deliver moments that will be talked about for days to come.

Bring out the popcorn, grab a seat, and get ready to witness the drama unfold as Vic races today promise to be an unforgettable experience for fans and participants alike. SP is a horse racing term that stands for starting price, the odds on a horse at the start of the race in which it is running.

What does SP mean in horse racing? starting price

Race Fields

R6 Race 6 - Maiden. R1 Race 1 c1. R2 Race 2 c1. R3 Race 3 c1. R4 Race 4 c1. R5 Race 5 c1. R6 Race 6 cond. R7 Race 7 cond. R8 Race 8 cond. R9 Race 9 b2. R10 Race 10 cond. R11 Race 11 b1. R12 Race 12 cond. R1 Race 1 cond. R2 Race 2 cond. Vic races today R3 Race 3 c4. R4 Race 4 cond. R5 Race 5 cond. R6 Race 6 c4.

R7 Race 7 c1. R9 Race 9 cond. R10 Race 10 c4. R11 Race 11 b2. R12 Race 12 b3. R1 Race 1 c3. R2 Race 2 c3. Photo: vic races today R4 Race 4 c2. R5 Race 5 c3. R6 Race 6 c1. R7 Race 7 c2. R8 Race 8 c1. R10 Race 10 b2. R11 Race 11 a2. R12 Race 12 c2. R2 Race 2 c2. R3 Race 3 c3. R4 Race 4 c3. R6 Race 6 c3. R8 Race 8 c2. R9 Race 9 c1. R10 Race 10 b1. R11 Race 11 cond. R12 Race 12 b2. R1 Latter Kennedy Bm R3 Magic Millions Mdn Hcp.

R5 Rossco's Pizza Mdn Hcp. R6 Mayors Cup. R11 Allenstown Square Meats Bm R12 MP Security Hcp R4 Sky Racing Bm R6 Richmond Club Bm R7 Lander Toyota Mdn Hcp. R8 Clarendon Tavern Bm R2 Stable of Stars Racing Hcp R3 Fulmen Park Mdn Plate. R5 Plusvital Bm R6 Bunyip Equipment Bm R3 Hahn Super Dry 3. R6 Sound Telegraph Hcp C1. R3 Forster Bowling Club Bm R6 The Man Walk Bm R7 Club Forster Hcp C1.

R2 Chris Hay Livestock Mdn. R4 Pasture First Bm R5 Emmetts Service Centre Mdn. R6 Treadwell Gordon Mdn. R8 Natalie's Birthday Bm R3 www. Gold coast race results today saturday R6 Call Now. Or Play Online. R7 Bet At racingtv. R1 bet Handicap. R4 bet Craven Stakes Group 3. R3 Ripon Silver Bowl Handicap. R5 Armstrong Memorial Handicap. R1 Hortensias Stakes.

R2 Champ Libre Maiden Stakes. R3 Signora Maiden Stakes. R4 Gerland Handicap. R5 Marcy l'Etoile Stakes. R6 Steiner Pons Stakes. R8 Gabriel Giraud Handicap. R1 Du Printemps Handicap. R2 De Treillieres Handicap. R3 De La Tortiere Stakes. R4 Des Sorinieres Stakes. R6 De Proce Handicap. R7 Claude Rouget Hurdle. R1 De Marly Handicap. Vic races today R2 Machado Stakes.

R3 Du Louvre Stakes. R4 De Verneuil Maiden Stakes. R5 De Viroflay Maiden Stakes. R6 De Trevise Maiden Stakes. R7 De La Boetie Stakes. R8 De Stainte-Gemme Handicap. R1 Race 1 - Maiden Special Weight. R3 Race 3 - Maiden Special Weight. R8 Race 8 - Starter Optional Claiming. R6 Race 6 - Starter Allowance. R3 Race 3 - Maiden Claiming. R5 Race 5 - Maiden Claiming.

R7 Race 7 - Starter Optional Claiming. R9 Race 9 - Maiden Special Weight. R1 Race 1 - Allowance. R2 Race 2 - Allowance. R4 Race 4 - Maiden Optional Claiming. R7 Race 7 - Allowance Optional Claiming. R8 Race 8 - Allowance Optional Claiming. R9 Race 9 - Maiden Optional Claiming. R1 Race 1 - Maiden.

R3 Race 3 - Maiden. R4 Race 4 - Maiden. R5 Race 5 - Allowance. R7 Race 7 - Maiden. R10 Race 10 - Maiden. R11 Race 11 - Allowance. R12 Race 12 - Allowance. R13 Race 13 - Allowance. R14 Race 14 - Allowance. R4 Race 4 c8. R5 Race 5 a3. R7 Race 7 b7. R8 Race 8 b6. R9 Race 9 b5. R10 Race 10 c1. R3 Race 3 cond. R4 Race 4 c4. R5 Race 5 c4. R8 Race 8 b4.

R10 Race 10 b3. R5 Race 5 c2. R6 Race 6 c2. R9 Race 9 c2. R11 Race 11 a1. R12 Race 12 b1. R12 Race 12 c1. R1 Procon Developments Mdn Plate. R5 Settlers Run Hcp C1. R7 Skye Excavations Bm R9 Ladbrokes Odds Surge Bm R3 Pirtek Orange Bm R8 Diggermate Orange Bm R3 Bet Maiden Plate. R4 Bourne Racing Mdn Plate. R6 Ventia Puckapunyal Cup Bm R7 Tallarook Rural Supplies Bm R5 Nolan's Transport Gatton Hcp R6 Rock Trade Industries Hcp R7 Harman Concreting Bm R9 Lockyer Valley Painting Hcp R2 Iron Jack Bm R5 Seears Workwear Hcp C1.

R7 TAB Federal. R8 A Plus Plumbing Bm R2 Pelicans Albany Mdn. R5 Advanced Feeds Hcp C2. R6 Hygain Regain Hcp C2. R7 Skyracing. R2 bet Hcp R3 TAB Bm P Wills Bloodstock Mdn. R5 Hoots And Boobs Hcp Victorian Race Programs April All. Victorian Race Programs April Metro. Victorian Race Programs May All. Victorian Race Programs May Metro. Victorian Race Programs June Metro.

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